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Separating the Art from the Artist December 24, 2023

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It feels like such a tired old thing to say that the internet and social media is both a curse and a blessing.  But every day I think it’s truer.

On the one hand, I like sitting on my sofa and being able to shout at Alexa and ask her whatever random thing about whatever random B-list celebrity shows up on my screen whenever the mood strikes me.  “Alexa.  How tall is Paul Hollywood?”  (Answer – 5 feet, 7 ½ inches.)  “Alexa.  How much is Sylvester Stallone worth?”  (Answer — $400 million.)  On the other, I really didn’t need to know the nuances and particular kinks of people whose movies and music I might otherwise enjoy.

I used to think Mel Gibson was mightily attractive, yes I did.  But now?  I can’t bear the sound of his voice, not even in Chicken Run, which is a pretty good movie, and he was pretty well cast as the arrogant rooster. 

Which begs the age old question: can you separate the art from the artist?

I’ve given this question a great deal of thought, more thought than the question is probably worth, likely because giving this question thought crowds out the things I ought to be thinking about which are thornier and more difficult and not to be talked about in a public forum. 

And here’s what I think.  Yes, you can.  “Great Balls of Fire” is a great song, and Jerry Lee Lewis was a heck of a piano player.  All of that despite the fact that Jerry Lee Lewis was a disgusting toad who married his thirteen[1] year old first cousin.  Then divorced her claiming she abused him.  The Ring Cycle contains three amazing operas with recognizable tunes to anyone who has ever watched Bugs Bunny cartoons[2] but Richard Wagner, the composer, was a literal Nazi.  Edgar Degas, who painted all those beautiful ballerinas, was a raging anti-semite; Pablo Picasso got his artistic jollies from demeaning the women in his life. 

So what do we do?  Do we refuse to listen to Lewis’ music or watch Mel Gibson’s[3] movies or appreciate the delicate nature of impressionist ballet dancers?  Do we partake and feel guilty about it, not letting ourselves truly enjoy it?

I think it comes down to the marketplace of ideas.  We live in a capitalist society, let capitalism rule.  It makes a difference to me where the money goes.  I don’t want a single one of my dollars going to line Mel Gibson’s pockets.  I can vote that way.  Hollywood[4], I know you live or die on the spending habits of Lori Duff, and I said what I said.  But I think it’s different when the artist is long dead and/or the copyright has long since lapsed.  If no one awful is making money, then I’m free to enjoy it.

People are complicated.  I’ve yet to meet anyone who is a hundred percent good or bad.  I can’t say how someone can juggle hating Jews and creating beautiful art in the same brain, but I’ve seen it happen.  As a writer, I spend a lot of time digging into what makes people tick, and this is one more mystery.  I can spend a lot of time gazing at a painting, wondering what made the artist see the subtle beauty in his subject that others have trouble seeing and so much ugliness in others that isn’t even there.    

[1] Yes, thirteen.  He was in his twenties.

[2] https://youtu.be/KZTE9MDoaLs

[3] Or Woody Allen’s

[4] Not Paul Hollywood, the place.

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Separating the Art from the Artist


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Separating the Art from the Artist


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Separating the Art from the Artist December 24, 2023