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Boring Legal Stuff

Boring Legal Stuff:

If you are reading all this boring legal stuff I have to ask – why?  Anyway, Please know that I don’t share any information that I gather on this website with anyone intentionally.  Honestly, I am not tech savvy enough to know whether or not someone is using that information without my permission.

I do use information for my own statistical purposes, so that I know (in broad categories) who is looking at my webpage and what they are looking at when they are there.  I need to know this mostly because I’m curious, but also because I don’t want to be shouting to an empty room.  I’ll provide more of what people seem to gravitate towards.


So, remember a few sentences back when I said I wasn’t tech savvy?  Well, that’s still true.  I’m 79.3% sure that cookies refer not to Oreos or Chips Ahoy, but little pieces of information. If there is an app, or a plugin, or whatever it is called on my website that collects cookies, honestly I don’t know about it and don’t know how to access it, and I don’t plan on doing anything with them except perhaps hoarding them wherever they are so I’ll have something to eat when the zombie apocalypse comes.  That said, I have reason to believe that cyber-cookies are little crumbs of information that my website collects to give me the information I talked about in the paragraph above.  If that’s true, then yeah, I guess I collect cookies and that’s what I do with them.  If it’s not, heck if I know.

And seriously, y’all.  Nothing on this website is to be taken too seriously.  Any opinions expressed on it are mine and mine alone, and maybe not even that.  If I thought it was funny, I might just pretend it was my opinion to get the laugh.  If you think I’ve referred to you on this website, and you like it, well then, yes it was you, and you’re welcome. If you don’t like it, then no, it wasn’t you, it was someone else altogether.

I hope this goes without saying, but despite the fact that I happen to have a law degree, nothing on this website or any links therein should be construed as legal advice.  Or personal advice.  Don’t do as I say, ok?  I said whatever I said to get a laugh, not to make your life better except for the way that laughter made your life better.

This is a for-profit website, even though the profit is, at times, marginal.  I am trying to sell my books.  I’m pretty up front about that.  I’m also trying to sell my services.  No secret there.  There are no hidden fees or agendas.  Everything I’m trying to make money on I’m honest about making money on.  I’m not selling anything that isn’t obviously for sale.  If you click on a link that brings you to an Amazon page, I am an Amazon affiliate, which means that if you buy the book after you click on the link I get a few pennies out of the transaction.  Those pennies are not charged to you, they are what Amazon gives me because I’ve advertised them via links on my webpage.

In conclusion, don’t sue me.  But even if you do, I won’t dox you.  Honestly, I don’t have the energy.




Boring Legal Stuff

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Boring Legal Stuff February 23, 2017