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This is a fabulous collection of humorous, actually pretty hysterical essays that most real women will identify with. Kind of like David Sedaris for the female. At the end of many of the pieces, I end up exclaiming “I know!” a la Monica Geller (does that age me at all?) Funny commentary on everyday life. –C.K. Slezak

Lori Duff cuts into the everyday experience with a well-honed verbal blade. This series of short observations of the seemingly mundane unerringly reveals our common vulnerabilities and aggravations- and defies us not to laugh at ourselves in the process. In the day to day, Duff finds fodder for hope, hubris, humility, and above all, humor-Truth Student

Good choice to take to the beach for easy reading- short stories that are fun and entertaining. Reminiscent of Erma Bombeck.- Nancy Morrissey

Couldn’t stop laughing, I so related to almost all of these scenarios. It was like Lori was relaying so many of the same thoughts I have had so many times myself. I think everyone should read this book! –Toby P. Michelson

Lori is just saying “out loud” what we’ve all been thinking. Charming and funny! Reminiscent of Erma Bombeck. I highly recommend this book! –Angelique Allen



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Reviews August 6, 2014