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Monthly Archives: February 2020

Book Review — Practice, Practice, Practice February 29, 2020

Practice, Practice, Practice: This Psychiatrist’s Life, by Dr. Daniela V. Gitlin is a biographical story of a psychological practice.  If you’ve ever wondered what the shrink is thinking while you lie on the couch talking about your problems, you can find the answers here. Dr. Gitlin starts with her remarkable (and sometimes sad and lonely)…

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I Hate Cigarettes February 21, 2020

When my mother turned 62 years old, in honor of her first Social Security check she threw herself a toga party.  She did not invite my sister or I because, honestly, would you invite your kids to a toga party?  It would probably cramp your style.  She did give us a copy of the invitation,…

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Dried-Up Old Hag February 8, 2020

What my gynecologist actually said was, “Given that you’ll be 50 this summer, the odds of you getting pregnant without reproductive assistance are pretty slim.  So we may want to consider not going forward with birth control.”  What I heard was, “Why do you need foreign bodies and substances inside you, woman?  You’re just a…

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