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Monthly Archives: January 2015

The Death of Southern Gentlemen January 24, 2015

Seven million years ago, when I was learning how to drive, I asked my father how to check the oil in my car.  Checking the oil was something I’d seen him do, and it seemed to me to be an Essential Part of Grown Up Car Ownership and Maintenance.  My father’s answer?  “You pull into…

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The Flood January 18, 2015

We had been shopping at the Outlet Mall earlier in the day, and my unsupervised husband, Mike, found himself alone in American Eagle ™.  Apparently he forgot that he is approximately forty years too old to shop in that store.  He bought himself a clearance hoodie, complete with the logo emblazoned on the front, and…

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I Forgot January 11, 2015

I tried to slip one of my daughter’s teachers a twenty dollar bill the other day, but she wouldn’t take it. I think she just felt hinky taking unexpected cash money from me, though my guess is if I had handed her a $20 gift card to an office supply store she’d have taken it.…

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Puddin’ — Speaking Southern January 3, 2015

I love the way my friend Diane says the word “pudding.”  She says “PUHHHHHHHHH-din,” with the “puh” drawn out for three whole seconds and the “din” just a little flip of the back of the throat, almost not even there.  I ate some pudding today, and I asked her to say the word before I…

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