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Monthly Archives: August 2021

Book Review — Save the Cat! Writes for TV August 27, 2021

I very much enjoyed the original Save the Cat![1] Book by Blake Snyder.  Although it focused on screenwriting, and I am not a screenwriter, there is something universal about story that made it fascinating to see the concept broken down into its elements. So I was super excited when the good folks at WOW! Women…

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Inbox Zero August 26, 2021

Once upon a time in a land not too far away we wrote letters on a typewriter, using carbon paper if we wanted to keep a copy and Wite-Out[1] if we made a mistake, put them in envelopes with stamps on them, and waited several days for them to be delivered by the United States…

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Baby’s First Apartment August 13, 2021

My son moved into his first apartment a few weeks ago and I had the great privilege of helping him set it up.  I thought it would be fun to watch him take this giant leap towards actual adulthood. I remember doing that myself, back in the early 90s.  I collected cast-off furniture from wherever…

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