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Monthly Archives: October 2022

In Defense of Gossip October 28, 2022

When my kids were little, I made sure they knew there was a difference between tattling and telling.  Tattling was bad.  Tattling was telling on someone for the sole purpose of getting that person in trouble.  It wasn’t making the world safer or more orderly or preventing a theft.  Telling, on the other hand, could…

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Grownup’s Table October 14, 2022

I remember being a little kid and being stuck at the grownup’s table.  We might have been at a restaurant or at someone else’s house, but somewhere where retreating to my own space wasn’t an option.  I remember wanting to feel included in this grownup world, wishing I had something to contribute to the conversation,…

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A Whole Crop of New Germs October 3, 2022

My daughter is a freshman at college.  She is 800 miles away from home in a completely different type of environment.  She has gone from the semi-rural south to metropolitan Philadelphia, from the buckle of the Bible belt to a liberal women’s college.  It’s good for her, I think, to see that the world is…

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