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Hi. My name is Lori B. Duff. In addition to being an author and a lawyer, I am also a marketing consultant specializing in book launches and visibility of small press and independently (self-published) books.

I’ve written a lot of books. I have four under my own name and a whole lot of others that I’ve written as a ghost writer:

I’ve learned over the years that writing the books is the easy, fun part. Marketing is hard. I’ve thrown a lot of money away on sources that didn’t work. And I’ve made some good decisions that worked well. All of my books have been at the top of bestseller lists. I’ve even been at near the top of all of Kindle. See for yourself:


I can help you do this for yourself. I can steer you away from unproductive marketing techniques, and towards the ones that work best for self-published authors and small press writers. Indie authors deserve to shine.

I can teach you how to maximize your marketing efficiency. Time is money — don’t waste your time trying to figure out which marketing venues are best. Don’t waste your time trying to figure out Amazon’s complicated algorithms. Don’t waste your time searching out advertisers that work well for self-published or independent press writers. The wheel has already been invented. I have already wasted my time and my money on the learning process — take advantage and learn from my mistakes and successes. Let me show you how it works.

Send me an email at lori@loriduffwrites.com to schedule your FREE 30 minute marketing consultation today!



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Lori Duff

Lori B. Duff is an award-winning author who practices law on the side.  Her latest book, "If You Did What I Asked in the First Place" was awarded the Gold Medal for humor in the Foreword INDIES awards in 2019. You can follow her on Twitter at @LoriBDuff and on Facebook. For more blogs written by Lori, click here. For more information about Lori in general, click here. If you want Lori to do your writing for you, click here. If you want Lori to help you market your book, click here.

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