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Monthly Archives: January 2018

Book Review: Flood Girls January 26, 2018

The Flood Girls “The Flood Girls” by Richard Fifield is a quirky, different kind of book, populated with unusual, flawed, and likeable characters. Rachel Flood is returning to her hometown of Quinn, Montana for a number of reasons. Her father has died, and she inherited his trailer. She also wants to make amends to complete…

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Miss Trunchbull January 19, 2018

About ten years ago, I had eyeball surgery which implanted contact lenses right in front of my retinas.  This allowed me to go glasses free for a long time.  Recently, however, my left eye decided to act up and prevent me from reading street signs in smaller fonts.  So I went to the eye doctor…

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A Night at the Opera January 5, 2018

I get it.  You have some preconceived notion of the Opera being stuffy and boring and something that only rich people do after a diet of caviar and foie gras and a glass full of the desalinated tears of poor people.  If you have any positive associations with it, those associations are related to Bugs…

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