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I’m 40 Now October 28, 2017


I’m forty now

(Ok, forty-six)

A decent age

I’ve had my fix

Of parties, hoo-has, galas, and more

Of drunken evenings on the shore


My worries now

Have changed in kind

I wonder if

I’ve lost my mind

If you can see my whiskery chin

My sagging butt, my wrinkled grin


My weekends now

Are filled with other:

With making my will

With being a mother

Sleeping in means half past eight

Half a pound means losing weight


I’m wiser though

It comes with a cost

Of bladder control

Of getting lost

In a crowd of younger, louder voices

Thinking they make better choices


As time goes on

As I get older

My breasts will deflate

As my words get bolder

And given the choice between looks and knowledge

I know that experience is the better college.



I’m 40 Now

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I’m 40 Now

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I’m 40 Now October 28, 2017