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Stress in my Entertainment April 3, 2023

stress murder mayhem are not entertaining

‘Stress’ is, I guess, a relative term.  I feel like I have a pretty stressful life, with a high pressure job, a house and kids to take care of.  But, I also don’t worry about where my next meal is coming from or if a tiger is going to stalk out of the jungle and eat me in the middle of the night.

But, we feel what we feel.  So whether I have any right to be stressed does not affect whether or not I am stressed.  And I am.  So being in a state of more or less stress all the time, I don’t tend to want stress in my entertainment.

And honestly? I think I’m the only one.

I am sympathetically hypochondriacal enough to worry about every little cough and blemish on my loved ones.  A brief pain in your knee?  Obviously knee cancer.  Have it checked. 

Therefore, the last thing I need in recreational time is a medical show where people die of things I hadn’t thought you could die of before.

As a trial attorney whose success or failure can sometimes result in someone seeing – or not – their children, I get shots of adrenaline at work.  I do not need to dangle from a bungee cord off a bridge, hoping that the 25-year-old stoner who buckled me in the harness got all the straps right.[1] 

Don’t get me started on blood and gore.  Why watching someone get disemboweled is what someone wants to do with their free time is beyond me.  Even a ‘cleaner’ gunshot wound is a bit much for my tastes.  I can’t quit thinking about the fear in the person facing the gun, not to mention the spouses and children and parents of the dead guy who now have to have a funeral.

Empathy can be a real bitch.

I prefer low-stakes entertainment.  Make me laugh, not wince.  Let me come out of it with something I’ve made, even if it’s just a good memory.  Friendly competition like bowling when we all know we stink and can cheer on each other’s strikes.[2]  Experience adventures like sightseeing or wine tastings.

Judging from the talk around the water cooler and water coolers everywhere, even virtual ones like social media, I’m in a small minority in this opinion.  I guess I’m extra-sensitive to adrenaline and I don’t especially like the way it makes me feel.  Everyone else likes watching people get killed in creative ways on television.  A beheading?  Bring it on!  Horrific car wrecks along the route of a chase with bullets flying?  Oh yeah.  Murder in cold blood?  Ooh!  A mystery!

So, put that in the column of the myriad of ways that I’m not like everyone else.  Am I cowardly?  Wimpy?  A big baby?  Perhaps.  But, like Popeye says, I yam what I yam.  And I yam a person who prefers laughing to cringing.

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[1] My lawyer tells me that here I should state on the record that I KNOW not all 25-year-olds are not stoners, nor are all, or even most bungee-jump operators. Most of them are just entrepreneurial people trying to work for a living. That said, I can totally see me going head first into the rocks below and some guy looking over the cliff edge and saying a meaningful, “duuuuuuuuuude.”

[2] Or, in my case, non-gutterballs. 

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Stress in my Entertainment

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Stress in my Entertainment

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Stress in my Entertainment April 3, 2023