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Legal Ghostwriting

Legal Ghostwriting

For better or for worse, it is hard to do anything these days without being aware of potential liability and legal ramifications.  One way to distinguish yourself in your field is to not only be an expert in what you do, but in how the law touches what you do.  Most people have a general sense of what is and isn’t acceptable, but don’t know the details.  Of course, going to law school isn’t always an option, and most people’s jobs are so specialized that there isn’t a book on the topic that deals with your area directly.

That’s where Legal Ghostwriting comes in.  If there isn’t a book, you should write the book.  If you don’t know how to write the book, or how to find the citations for what you know is true, a Legal Ghostwriter can do it for you.  The best Legal Ghostwriters are attorneys who can balance their general knowledge of the law with your specific knowledge of your field.

The problem with lawyers, however, is that they tend to speak “Legalese,” which sounds suspiciously like English but quite often has a very different meaning.  Legal sentences, full of haughty words like “heretofore” and “whereunto,” can be difficult to understand.  When searching for a Legal Ghostwriter, it is important that you read other things they have written to ensure that what you get isn’t going to be dense and incomprehensible.

That’s where I come in.  I’ve been a lawyer since L.A. Law was still on the air.  I passed the bar the same year Justin Bieber was born. I’ve had a lot of experience in many areas of the law.  And, what’s more, I can speak in plain English.

My Legalese column, written under my own name, demonstrates over a hundred examples of how I can take complex legal topics and turn them into readable, entertaining, understandable pieces.


Don’t you want me to do this for you?  I’ll even let you take all the credit.  I can do a one time or recurring blog; information for your website; or an E-Book allowing you to be the expert who wrote the book.  And all for a reasonable fee!  Ghost Writing Rates aren’t nearly as expensive as you might think.

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Legal Ghostwriting

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Lori B. Duff is an award-winning author who practices law on the side.  Her latest book, "If You Did What I Asked in the First Place" was awarded the Gold Medal for humor in the Foreword INDIES awards in 2019. You can follow her on Twitter at @LoriBDuff and on Facebook. For more blogs written by Lori, click here. For more information about Lori in general, click here. If you want Lori to do your writing for you, click here. If you want Lori to help you market your book, click here.

Legal Ghostwriting March 23, 2016