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E-BOOK Ghost Writer

E-BOOK Ghost Writer

In 2013, the sales of E-Books officially surpassed the sales of books in print.  While I believe there are enough bibliophiles out there (including me) to maintain the printed book industry, the power and ease of publishing an E-Book can’t be denied.  E-Books tell your story in an easily accessible and affordable way.

Some popular reasons why people write E-Books are:

  • To write their memoirs
  • To establish themselves as an expert in their field
  • To tell a story of a journey
  • To have a text book to accompany a lecture or class
  • To present a how-to manual

While many people see the value in an E-Book, they don’t have the skill set to turn their ideas or stories into a book.  They don’t know where to start, how to organize their ideas, or how to turn them into words.  That’s why you want someone who has had bestselling E-Books to ghost write for you.  Your story gets told. Your message gets out in the public. You get the credit for your own story and ideas.

You know you’re an expert in your field.  You know how hard you’ve worked over the years, and how much better you know the lay of the land than the other guy.  When someone asks you why they should hire you instead of someone else, you can always say, “I know so much, I wrote the book about it.”

And why shouldn’t your children and grandchildren know your story?  You’ve lived through so much they can’t even imagine.  There will come a time when they want to know their own history.  What a gift you can give them by writing your memoirs and recording it for them when they can access it when they are ready to hear what you have to say.

Many of us have had powerful journeys.  This may be suffering through an illness, a war, a catastrophic or life changing event, being the victim of a crime, or an intellectual or spiritual realization.  Our journeys can help other people understand the world we live in, and help them travel through the roads of their own journeys safely.  E-Books help make our stories accessible, and can provide a cathartic and healing experience of their own.

Or maybe you have written your book, and you just need someone to help you polish it.  I can help you do that, too.  As a High Ranking Official in the Grammar Police, I can help you make sure that your word choices, sentence structure, punctuation, and spelling don’t detract from your story.

I’ve held the hand of any number of authors who have written books but who are too personally involved in their stories to see them objectively.  I enjoy seeing them hone their stories and words and taking them from good or ok to great.

I can help you tell your story.  I will listen to you, and make sure your ideas are accurately recorded in a readable way, all the while doing my best to speak in your unique voice.

The best way to judge whether or not my writing feels right to you is to look at my books.  Click here to find my Amazon page and to read samples.  I can’t tell you which books I’ve ghost written because I’m invisible and behind the scenes.  But some of my clients are so happy with the results that they will let you in on their secrets if you are serious about getting your own work done — just ask me, and I might tell!

Click here to tell me more about your book project and fill out a simple questionnaire.


E-BOOK Ghost Writer

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E-BOOK Ghost Writer March 7, 2016