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Introductory One Day Memoir Writing Workshop



Wouldn’t you like to be a published author? What if I told you that you could go from blank page to published author in six hours – GUARANTEED?

You’d probably assume I’m a snake oil salesman, and I wouldn’t blame you for it.  But it is true. (The fact that you can be published in six hours, that is, not the fact that I’m a snake oil salesman.)

In my Introductory One-Day Memoir Writing Workshops you will get the following:

·         Writing prompts

·         Tips and tricks for finding the time to write

·         How to make your writing time more productive

·         Coffee.   Lots and lots of free flowing coffee. (Or soft drinks or water if you prefer.)

·         A supportive atmosphere of like-minded people

·         Gentle, kind criticism

·         My super double secret list of sources that will help you embark on your writing journey

·         Admission to an exclusive Facebook writing group

At the end of the workshop, you will have a short piece that will be included in the end of workshop anthology to be published on Amazon.

Sound interesting?

I give these workshops on a regular basis from my home base in Loganville, Georgia, a charming, peaceful town that is an easy drive away from Atlanta.  The next workshop scheduled is:

                September 23, 2017

If you can’t make it to Loganville, email me at lori@loriduffwrites.com to find out how to bring this workshop to a location near you.

If you can’t dedicate a whole day at one time, click here to find out more about my on-line workshops.

Fill out the form below to find out more or, if you’re ready to be a published author and guarantee yourself a spot in my class, sign up!

One Day Memoir Writing Workshop




Introductory One Day Memoir Writing Workshop

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Introductory One Day Memoir Writing Workshop February 10, 2017