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DuoLingo is my Existential Friend September 19, 2023

For my twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, as well as a milestone birthday for my husband that happens in the same year, I want to go to Italy and eat my way from one end to the other.  I want to have first-hand opinions on the wine, bread, and pasta; northern vs. southern cuisine.  I want to…

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I Can Make Dogs Happy — Not People August 22, 2023

I’m an empty nester, but not all the way empty.  My children still come home often enough that there’s cause to keep their bedrooms available for them.  My daughter was home most of this past summer, and my son came home for what felt like fifteen minutes. My husband is home all the time.  And…

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Even Ice Cream has Nutritional Value August 8, 2023

I have a writing friend who, in addition to other things, is obviously highly intelligent and insightful.  She mentioned, at the last collective of writers[1] that she was working on a romance book.  She said this with her head hung, obviously embarrassed by her non-lofty choice of topics.  This led to a vigorous discussion about…

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Serenity Means Holding Your Taters July 25, 2023

I have a cross-stitched rendering of the Serenity Prayer on my wall in my office.  The Serenity Prayer, in case you don’t know goes like this: God grant me: The Serenity to accept the things I cannot change The Strength to change the things I can, and The Wisdom to know the difference. As prayers…

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Frankly, I’m Just Not That Important July 11, 2023

We’re gonna have to do something about the pace at which time is whipping by.  I’ve got, by my estimate, about 178 years’ worth of things left on my to-do list and, if you can believe actuaries, only about thirty years left in which to get them done. Which makes me think that I need…

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Turning Away Ice Cream on your Death Bed June 1, 2023

When my mother was in hospice care, she craved those little bitty ice cream cones with a baby scoop of ice cream and a hard chocolate coating like these.  She had gone through years of suffering with lung cancer that eventually spread to her brain and, dangit, she’d earned her right to an ice cream…

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Stress in my Entertainment April 3, 2023

‘Stress’ is, I guess, a relative term.  I feel like I have a pretty stressful life, with a high pressure job, a house and kids to take care of.  But, I also don’t worry about where my next meal is coming from or if a tiger is going to stalk out of the jungle and…

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