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Golden Anniversary and Advice March 30, 2018

On April 6, 2018, just a few days from when I am typing this, my parents will have been married for fifty years. Yup, their golden anniversary has arrived. There are a number of miracles at play here. My parents did not have a particularly romantic beginning, though if you know them, you won’t be…

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BOOK REVIEW — Why We Broke Up May 5, 2017

  Why We Broke Up I picked up Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler for kind of strange reasons, but then that’s why I pick up most books. I was in a used book store, and it just looked different than the other books. Thicker. Heavier. When I literally picked it up, it weighed…

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Book Review — Landline by Rainbow Rowell March 2, 2017

Landline: A Novel Rainbow Rowell is best known for her young adult novels like “Eleanor and Park” and “Fangirl,” both of which are fabulous reads no matter what your age. Like those young adult novels, “Landline” is a romance that doesn’t insult your intelligence (or the characters) or contain any gratuitous sex, drugs, violence, or…

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VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR: A Solitary Romance August 17, 2016

A Solitary Romance: Book 1 in the Only Love Series Disclaimer: The good folks at Books and the Bear gave me a copy of A Solitary Romance in exchange for an honest review. A Solitary Romance by Violet Sparks tells the story of Katrina Crimshaw, or “Kate,” a CPA and auditor who has a blog…

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BOOK REVIEW: East of the Sun December 17, 2015

East of the Sun: A Novel East of the Sun by Julia Gregson is a sweeping, historical romance. I think I enjoyed it mostly because it outlined a time and place I don’t think of much: in the 1920s at the end of English colonial period in India. It follows Viva Holloway, who sort of…

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