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Wonder Woman Onesie November 13, 2016

My mild obsession with Wonder Woman is no secret.   I drink from a Wonder Woman mug in my office.  I have a Wonder Woman watch.  I have a Wonder Woman cuff bracelet that may or may not actually deflect bullets. So when I was killing time by wandering around the local Wal-Mart while my daughter…

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Crushing Mind Candy August 7, 2016

Comes the end of the day (defined on some bad days as 3:00 p.m.) and I am completely brain dead.  There has been enough input and the overworked filing clerks in my skull need some time to sort out the information gathered in the day and put it into some sensible order.  Enter Candy Crush. …

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My Funeral January 31, 2016

    Right about the time I graduated from college, my friends started getting engaged.  It got to the point where every week there was either an engagement, a shower, or a wedding.  This was what my social life was: pretending to care when someone unwrapped a Mr. Coffee, elbowing other women wearing uncomfortable dresses…

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