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VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR: The Last Roadshow March 7, 2016

The Last Roadshow by John Czarnota The Last Roadshow, by John Czarnota has a fantasic premise: Joe Knocker (not his real name) goes to the filming of Antiques Roadshow programs. He finds someone with a valuable piece of artwork, and then six months later (so someone at the Roadshow won’t be suspected). His network of…

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VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR: The Children of Darkness December 11, 2015

The Children of Darkness The Children of Darkness, by David Litwack, is a dystopian young adult novel, of the sort that seems to be very popular these days. This isn’t a Hunger Games clone, though, and has original characters and plot. I was given a copy of this book by the good folks at BookBear…

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