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Book Review — Naked, Drunk, and Writing August 24, 2018

Naked, Drunk, and Writing: Shed Your Inhibitions and Craft a Compelling Memoir or Personal Essay Adair Lara’s “Naked, Drunk, and Writing” has become my go-to guide for the technical matters of writing. It has nothing to do with being naked or drunk, that’s just a title to get your attention. I do a lot of…

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Book Review — Laugh Out Loud April 20, 2018

Laugh Out Loud: 40 Women Humorists Celebrate Then and Now…Before We Forget Humor is, of course, subjective. What one person thinks is funny, the next person thinks is boring. I have often read books that people tell me are funny, only to leave the without a single chuckle. Conversely, I often find things screamingly hysterical,…

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BOOK REVIEW: Write to Grow May 15, 2015

Write to Grow by Colleen Walsh Fong. I’ll come clean on a few things before this review: 1. I don’t generally read business advice books. Corporate speak phrases (such as actualizing potentials and shifting paradigms) make me want to actualize my own potential to violence. Plus, most of the advice seems so very obvious to…

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