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BOOK REVIEW: Johannes Cabal the Detective March 13, 2015

Johannes Cabal the Detective by Jonathan Howard This book is the follow up novel to the hilarious and inventive Johannes Cabal the Necromancer. In this book, Cabal is still a Necromancer, but he is on the lam, and finds himself in a steampunk/Sherlock Holmes mystery with shades of Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express.…

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Sit or Squat? March 7, 2015

One of the great joys of being a parent is the chance to drive to East Bumblefudge on your weekend to watch your children participate in whatever sporting/academic/competitive event is going on that Saturday. This past weekend my daughter had an archery tournament in a location a little over two hours from our home. We were…

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I’m Too Old for Overtime March 1, 2015

I watched the Duke Blue Devil/UNC Tar Heel college basketball game the other night.  As a Duke alum, I’m pretty sure I signed something upon graduation saying that they could take away my diploma if I didn’t watch this game.  Which is fair enough, because I would never not watch it on purpose. Due to…

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BOOK REVIEW: A Glimmer of Guile February 27, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: A Glimmer of Guile by Mary Patterson Thornburg. A beautifully written fantasy novel that doesn’t demean women. I love reading both science fiction and fantasy, but one thing that irritates me about both genres is that women are usually marginalized, weakened by societal constraints, or put on a pedestal. Women are not usually known…

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Book ‘Em, Danno February 7, 2015

  I’m afraid to go back to the library. I love the library. Any place that is hushed and full of books is by definition magical. I’m jealous of the people who get to work there. No one yells at anyone in a library. Libraries have that awesome paper and binding-glue smell. Librarians get first…

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Pinterest February 1, 2015

Pinterest: do you love it or hate it? On the one hand.  I don’t really like Pinterest very much.  It is full of recipe and craft ideas that seem specifically designed to make me feel like a complete and total loser-slash-slacker who has failed her children in every imaginable way.  If all the other women…

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The Death of Southern Gentlemen January 24, 2015

Seven million years ago, when I was learning how to drive, I asked my father how to check the oil in my car.  Checking the oil was something I’d seen him do, and it seemed to me to be an Essential Part of Grown Up Car Ownership and Maintenance.  My father’s answer?  “You pull into…

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The Flood January 18, 2015

We had been shopping at the Outlet Mall earlier in the day, and my unsupervised husband, Mike, found himself alone in American Eagle ™.  Apparently he forgot that he is approximately forty years too old to shop in that store.  He bought himself a clearance hoodie, complete with the logo emblazoned on the front, and…

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Puddin’ — Speaking Southern January 3, 2015

I love the way my friend Diane says the word “pudding.”  She says “PUHHHHHHHHH-din,” with the “puh” drawn out for three whole seconds and the “din” just a little flip of the back of the throat, almost not even there.  I ate some pudding today, and I asked her to say the word before I…

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