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BOOK REVIEW: Desolation Sound August 27, 2015

Desolation Sound
Desolation Sound is a book written by Fraser Heston (son of Charleton) and Heather J. McAdams, who is a sorority sister of mine. You can decide for yourself which is a greater link to legend. Ha ha.

Seriously, though, since proximity to greatness is completely unrelated to quality, this is in fact a well written book. It takes place in the Pacific Northwest – northern Washington State and southern Canada. The breathtaking landscape there is described so well you can see it, feel the cold winds, and smell the water. That said, this is not a contemplative book – it is a detective story that is based on a real life mystery. In real life, a disturbing number of seemingly unrelated severed feet — in running shoes, no less – washed up over a period of time on the shores of the Pacific. The Canadian Police said something along the lines of “nothing to see here – no evidence of foul play, eh?” and the mystery remains to this day.

Heston and McAdams took the story at “nothing to see here” and used their considerable imagination to peek behind the curtain and imagine a conclusion to the mystery. I won’t give spoilers, but I will say that there is one scene told from the perspective of the bad guy that will make you sleep with the lights on for a while.
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BOOK REVIEW: Desolation Sound

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BOOK REVIEW: Desolation Sound

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