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Writing Classes and Workshops

Lori Duff has a variety of Writing Classes and Workshops.  Some are virtual, making them accessible to anyone anywhere in the world.  If you’d like Lori to bring one of her classes and workshops to your location, be sure to ask — you’d be surprised how far Lori will travel if you promise her food.


Sign up here for more information about the classes and workshops.  And check this out — if you sign up, you get a FREE copy of my e-book, “Telling Your Story: 7 Writing Prompts to Get You Started” which is an Amazon Hot New Release.  (This is true, and I have the screenshots to prove it.)



This class, given either in a six-ish hour chunk or three two-hour sessions, in person or on line, is a great jumpstart into writing.  You will be given writing prompts, tips and tricks, kind and gentle constructive criticism, and at the end, you will get your story included in a published e-book anthology.  That’s right — in six hours you can go from newly sharpened pencil to published author.  Guaranteed.

“But I can’t write!” you say.  “But I don’t know how to start!”  Or maybe, “But I don’t have anything to say.”


Click here for more information.

Click here.to sign up for the February 25, 2017 workshop given in Loganville, GA.  If you can’t make it on February 25th, be sure to sign up below to get information about upcoming workshops.  (Plus, there’s that FREE book you get for the low, low price of your email address — and I won’t sell it to other people, because honestly, I don’t know how to do that.)




Lori’s Memoir Writing Program is unique and fun.  Consisting of virtual meetings every other week for nine months, you can participate from the comfort of your own home.  You will also get access to the exclusive Memoir Writing Program Facebook page, and unlimited email advice.  In other words, you will be involved in a community of writers, guided by Lori, that will give you a working draft of your ENTIRE MEMOIR in nine months.

For more information, sign up below, or email Lori at lori@loriduffwrites.com

If you’d like Lori to bring her writing classes and writing workshops to your location, or if you just have questions or something entertaining to say, email her at lori@loriduffwrites.com and we’ll make it happen!


Writing Classes and Workshops

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